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My Diary

The following is an account of the psychotic episode I had in 1997.
I had to wait two years to write it because I was not well enough. It covers the full details of the episode including the intimidation I received from the military at the time. It also includes the vast number of out of body experiences I had during my illness which lasted two years.

I have decided to keep a diary on all that has been happening to me over the last two years or so.
I am getting bad thoughts about being killed by the military so if I do this diary will tell the real truth.
It all started two years ago one late summer afternoon during a violent thunderstorm. I was sitting on my sofa listening to music whilst outside flashes of lightening and thunder filled the sky. The air was solid with electricity and I could feel the charge upon my skin. Suddenly my arms and legs started tingling with electricity and I felt a huge surge of electricity run through my body. All of a sudden the was a huge bang which sounded like a thunderbolt and what appeared to be a blue flame or shaft of light leapt up from the ground, it was about one and a half feet tall and eight inches wide, I had never seen the likes of this before and it was at that moment I passed out and fell to the floor.

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