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An interview with Satan

Question: Who are you and where do you come from?
Answer:I am what I am, I come from right here on Earth, having lived here in the past I have been reincarnated in order to bring sense to your world.

Question: What do you mean by sense?
Answer:Mankind is currently destroying himself with pollution of the Earths atmosphere and the constant depletion of the Earths natural resources.

Question : How can we change this?
Answer:Mankind needs a concerted effort to address these problems, Earths governments are inadequate and left to them these problems will never be resolved. We need to change the way that the Earth is governed as a priority or the Earth and mankind will cease to exist within the next few centuries.

Question: Why is mankind dogged with so many problems?
Answer:Mankind lives in misery, his failure to address these problems has resulted in the supreme being (nature on Earth) taking steps to protect itself from destruction. These problems will continue until mankind resolves them.

Question: What steps do we need to take in order to resolve these problems?
Answer:The full scale production of an electric car and its distribution together with a curfew on polluting chemical plants. We also need a filtration system to control their emissions together with a new method of propulsion for mankind’s aircraft such as electro magnetic levitation. Also needed is a programme to prevent de forestation and the constant plunder of Earths natural resources such as oil.

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